About us

About us

We offer traning & coaching and presentation & animation

Our talent? Developing yours!

Are you looking for training courses for your company?
Do you want to further develop your employees' talents?
Do you want to inspire, enthuse and passionate your employees?
Are you looking for someone who can take a product presentation to a higher level?


This is the place to be!


Dvelup creates and gives training sessions , tailor-made for your company. Directed at sales, commercial feeling and communication skills. With thorough know-how and technical talent. 


But above all with passion, humor and emotion.
Captivating and never bone-dry.


Likeable, lighthearted and leveraging. But never light.

Who we are: enterTrainers!

Christophe Grosjean
Elliot Herman
Nissim Verbist
Senior Trainer/coach
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  • Training

  • Coaching

  • Presentations
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  • Training

  • Coaching

  • Presentations
  • Animation

What we do

Dvelup's training sessions are in the capable hands of Christophe Grosjean, Elliot Herman & Nissim Verbist. Christophe, Elliot & Nissim have together  more than 27 years of experience in training  and coaching in diverse fields. And everyone has his speciality.

For example, Christophe & Elliot are both polyglots and have been training all over the world, Nissim is a real Fleet - B to B specialist.


But above all, they are all energetic entertrainers.


We do not believe in one-way communication, in ex cathedra training sessions. We learnt most from teachers who stood out, who captivated us by their different approach, their humor and their adapted didactic material. It is that approach we feature now in our own training sessions. 


Dvelup's training courses are therefore always interactive, with creative slides and animations. They involve all students and have them execute specific tasks. No theory, but hands-on. No dreary day, but an exciting experience. Because training is all about touching people emotionally. Only then they'll always remember what they have learnt.


Types of training sessions:


  • Sales for beginners and advanced • Product training • Sales in the showroom or on fairs • Commercial skills for non-commercial employees • Assertivity training • Professional phone skills • Prospecting by phone • Typologies & HBDI (Herman Brain Dominance Instrument) • Networking • Handling complaints • Handling aggression • Presentation skills • Elevator Talk • Coaching & Self Coaching • Stress & Time management • Organizing an event: 'Where and how do I start?' • B2B selling skills • Up-selling & cross-selling • CRM tool training • Internal branding, brand employment, corporate culture
“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

Benjamin Franklin, American politician

“I am not a teacher, but an awakener.”

Robert Frost, American poet

Training & coaching

Training sessions tailor-made for your company!

Our responsibility? To further develop the commercial talent that no doubt is already present in your employees. To inspire them so that they are always willing to give the best of themselves. To enthuse them so they become fully aware of their talents and become an even bigger added value for your company.


That's why the starting point of each training session always is a realistic and practical situation and not a  theoretical model. Because your company does not care about the latter. That's why we cooperates with various divisions (sales, communication, hr, marketing) within your company. And that's why every training session is perfectly adapted to your situation. Whatever the subject or question may be.


Different fields.

We have training experience in different fields. We are Automotive business & retail specialist, but also trained for all kinds of other companies, in all kinds of countries.



We entertain fluently in English, French and Dutch. An asset which is seldom seen.


Different company cultures.

A 'thumbs up' is in the Middle East the same as a middle finger. Asian culture forbids people to answer 'no' to any question. And do you know how many times you have to bow for a Japanes business contact?

Well we do. We trained in almost all countries in Europe (Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France, Serbia, Norway, UK). But also Dubai, Indonesia, Morocco,... 


Our broad experience will always assure you of the right approach.
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Presentation & Animation

Entertainment Garanteed!

Elliot & Christophe are both presenting and animating fluently in 3 different languages (Dutch, French & English).
Always dynamic, always interactive or funny but certainly always in line with your brand values. We present and animate around 40 events per year.

The past 20 years you could see us at product launches, award ceremonies congresses, company parties, inaugurations, etc…
The BOA’s (Best of activation awards), the BEA’s (Best Events awards) the CRBD awards (Golden archers), the newspaper awards, the cuckoo’s (DM awards), “The Toy of the year”, etc…are a few of the events we present every year.


Call us for a briefing, we will be glad to help you with our knowledge and creative input.

Or we will just be your MC for the evening in line with the mood and setting of your event.
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